Am I just a living aphrodisiac a vent for the dying populous to release itself?
I’m sorry I do so many stupid things and say so many stupid words
But listen sometimes it’s real, sometimes I feel
Please forgive hope, and please forgive fate
And I am so much love wrapped too much in everyone else’s hate
What is so wrong with being my only friend?
And what is so valiant for living without an end?
And where is all this longing, where is all this living without regret?
Well I lie down and wonder just where it all begins and where it all ends
Here, now
Don’t tell me you want me don’t tell me I’m all you ever needed
Because yesterday I killed myself, and yesterday I felt more hope
It’s not really over until everyone else says it is now is it
Well whatever the thought of the mental destruction is dead
And so are all of you
But must always say, more famous last words
Because I’m still here



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