ayy ha ay I might not be spitting barz but I’m so high that I feel like I’m stuck in tar (non-stop barz nigga) also I’m so high that I think above mars no I can’t drive cars but I can spit barz like It’s tha ABC’s (ight lets turn this shit around) ay hahahahaha ay my homie Jackson that I met while I waz locked up asked me to take some laced pills and I was like naw straight they kept on asking me too much that I couldn’t think then my homie pulled out a bag full of about 100 oz of purple kush I smoked over half the bag now I so high I’m filling like Im falling from space to the ground of the earth ay and last time I was in church (2 weeks ago my foster parents made me) I fucked the Preacher daughter her name was Jasmine she was 16yr old while I’m 15 she was pretty cute she sucked my dick like it was a flute ayy ayy ayy I’ma stop singing my light are turning pink and my face feels like it’s melting my hands are numbing and I like I’m not even writing ayy

ohh ohh ohh I also smoke weed in school and on the fucking bus bitch f*ck school nigga I fucked a bitch in the girl’s bathroom at school in the fucking 7th grade her name was Emily García ha ha ha I also fucked a bitch while I was locked up at white’s residential her name was Arissnia and if u don’t believe that I was locked up at whites I still got the papers hahahahahahahaha nigga what)



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