If I was a pair of boots I’d be at your feet
If I was that old Chevy you’d be driving me
If I was jar a glue I’d fix your broken dreams
But all I got’s this ol guitar
And a song that I can sing

And I know
I can’t change the world
That hurt ya girl
With a sweet old melody
But I can try
And I been told
If you mix misery with your whiskey
And sip slow it just might make it all alright
Til tomorrow night
Anything you like
Hey I’m hurtin too

If I was a place in time
I’d pick yesterday
So you could look back on me
No Tears in the way
And everything that was before
Never would’ve had to break
But all I gots this old guitar
And a song that I can play



Hurtin (2) - i (13) - I039m (23)


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