I’ll Be Home For Christmas Lyrics


Ah (I’ll be home, I’ll be home)

I’m dreaming tonight
Of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know (Ah)
It’s a long way back
I promise you, yeah

I’ll be home for Christmas (Aah)
You can count on me, mm yeah
Please have snow and mistletoe and
And presents under the tree (Under the tree)
Oh and, Christmas eve will find me, yeah
Where the love light gleams
Oh I, I’ll be home, home for Christmas, oh (Home)
If only in my dreams, oh

I’ll be home for Christmas (I’ll bе right there)
Yeah, yеah, where the love light gleams
Oh, I’ll be home, oh, I’ll be home for Christmas, yeah
If only in my dreams

Oh, I’ll be home (I’ll be home, I’ll be home)
Oh, I’ll be home
Oh, I’ll be home (Yeah, I’ll be home)
Oh, I promise you (I’ll be home, I’ll be home)
I’ll be home

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