Percs and drugs
Percs and drugs

Yeah I’ve been getting the money
On a daily basis we ain’t got no problem
Cos f*ck yh we faded
Trying to get on the radius of this platform
It feels like it’s crumbling but f*ck yh im tainted
I know there be haters but that’s how life works , I can’t change it or face it men that’s what’s up
But f*ck I believe it , f*ck all dem snitches
I might get all the racks in there that’s whats up

Now I’m in the room with my niggas on shit
Smoking on crack getting high on shit
Yeah we don’t care cos we wild it lit

All dem motherfuckers tryna shoot me shit
Getting all the bag yeah that’s how I live
Me and my niggas yeah we crack that it
Moving to the top that’s fuckn our dreams
We don’t do love we just high on lean yeah

I can trap through that big ass bitch
Perchaholic f*ck yeah that’s how I live
Demons in my head can’t stand me shit
Shooting dem bitches on my block shit
Vvs gat me so high like shii
All dem fuckers tryna ride me
They f*ck but they can’t stop me shiit

Look at that hoe said she need me
She be loving me f*ck yeah she texting
And she said that she want me cos I got em money and shit well f*ck men that’s rusty
Some niggas are here tryna vibe me
But please where were you when I lacked it
You didn’t even show love
You didn’t even support
You just left me to dry bitch
Now you seeking attention in my lobby
All your fuckn niggas tryna hop in
I don’t really need your company hold it
All dem fuckers tryna shoot me down oh please
Why you gotta hate , when you barely know me
But I don’t give a f*ck
Bring a glock end it
Getting money and the bags yeah lowkey
We don’t talk to much let the drugs hold me
I got Dior’s on my shoe
All dem niggas dey be looking like I got money from you
I need you to be right there this is for truce
Yeah I know I fucked up once but there’s nothing I would loose
Now I pull up skrrrt with a Lamborghini coup
Pulling out my tux
I’ll be called the cool dude
Maybe all your trapping was just a fuckn loose
Why you even gotta shoot when you always fuckn loose

I be getting cash and this rack shit
Bring your girlfriend make her happy
Pass your bitch like a fuckn blunt smoke her too
Tell her BAHDBOO NUEL yeah his hot shitt
Dripping with my ice on the block shit ooouuu
I don’t need your loving just that pussy
Even the devil can’t stop me too
Hold up that glock shit
F*ck all dem guys bitch

Crank it up
Bahdboo nuel that’s my yeah


  1. Cali

    December 20, 2020 at 8:48 am

    You are the best.

  2. Alessandro

    March 30, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Excellent lyric.

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