Sop: There is a city (there is a city)
Far beyond the blue (beyond the blue)
That is of gold (that is of gold)
And the roads are gold (the roads golden)

Chorus:I wanna be there ( I wanna be there)
In that city, with my Jesus at last

Sop: well in that city (hmmmmmm)
There’ll be no death (hmmmmmm)
And no more sickness (hmmmmmm)
And no more pain (hmmmmmm)

repeat chorus

Oh! well my brother (well my brother)
Do you wanna be there (wanna be there)
In that city (in that city)
That is of gold (that is of gold)

repeat chorus

  1. Lily

    February 23, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    And yet another song that made somebody famous.

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