They dared me to jump that little gully off of Red Roberts Road
I was 9 with a bike and bad to the bone and no way in hell that I would say no
I tried to be tough, and boy that landing was rough
But I pulled it off

We left the homecoming party, rode away in the dark
And I drove around till she couldn’t wait no more, and begged me to park
I was a little bit nervous, as she unzipped her dress
But I pulled it off, yea I pulled it off

Time and time again, I been lucky every now and then
And the moments between don’t seem to get in my way
Even when I don’t know how, I know that after a while
I’ll pull it off

Never wanted something more in my life than when you first came along
They said it couldn’t be done, you couldn’t be held, but I was gonna prove em all wrong
When you let me put on that ring, I couldn’t help but think
That I pulled it off, I pulled it off
I pulled it off, yea I pulled it off


  1. Casey

    July 14, 2021 at 3:24 am

    Thanks for sharing.

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