I don’t promise, always sunshine,
Always blue skies, bed of roses to lay on
I don’t promise constant laughter,
Happy ever after, stuff that fairy tales are made of
But I promise to you my trust,
Words to love to lift you up
A faithful friend to the end,
On this you can depend,
I promise

I don’t promise only pleasure,
Days of leisure, no more hard times, here after
I don’t promise unfading beauty, shapely body, skin of satin,
To gaze on
But I promise to you my hand,
A heart that will understand
A companion through the years,
There to dry your tears
I promise
I promise

I promise when the world seems dark and cold
And it’s hard to break a smile
I’ll be there just sit with you
And listen for a while

I don’t promise, earthly riches,
Diamond ditches, cloaks of leather,
To clothe you
I don’t promise ivory towers, velvet flowers, stuff that make believe Is made of
But I promise when my hair turns gray,
And we come to the end of our day
You’ll find me there by your side,
On this you can rely
I promise,
I promise,
I promise…..


  1. Amelia

    May 22, 2021 at 8:53 am

    Thanks for lyric.

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