Sally was a hooker up on Dickerson Road,
Til one day when the police pulled her in.
Charged her with felonious lovin’ somebody…
She just dreamed of what she could have been
If she had stayed in school until she graduated,
She might have had a nearly normal life.
Had herself some kind of steady job,
Maybe even been somebody’s wife.

Well they brought her to the courthouse,
And she went before the judge.
The only thing his Honor said was “Why?”
Sally stood and stared awhile,
To gather up her thoughts,
Then she smiled and looked him in the eye…

I Only Did It For The Money,
I never did it for the fun.
Sometimes, when things ain’t quite so rosy,
And life has got you on the run;
You look around at all your choices,
And then you do what must be done.
I only did it for the money…
I never did it for the fun.

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