Stanza 1
I like your eyes you looked away
when you pretended to care
I like the dimples on the corners
Of the smile that you wear
You wore them more with her
I knew and I was scared
I let myself fall deeper
But I was prepared

I like your shirt, the one I gave you
Can’t forget how smell
But now on different shoulders hang
The jacket I used to wear

I loved you for so long,
Sometimes it’s hard to bear
But after all this time,
I wish you well from here

I loved you every minute, every second
Loved you everywhere and any moment
Always and forever was just for a moment ‘Cause
I was not the one
I don’t know how
I loved you ’til the last of snow disappeared
Missed you on the rainy days of the year
Never knew of pain like this
But I’ve got to know
Thought I loved you so,
Why did you go?

Stanza 2
I hate the way you let us go,
Like it was all just nothing
I hate the way you hit the notes,
But not the words I’m saying
I hate the little things
Like when I’m unaware
I still remember how
We broke so perfectly

Though sometimes when life brings me down
Tike can heal my heart
Through rhw bad rainy day
I know that I will be okay

Cho 2
I loved you every minute, every second
Loved you even if it was for a moment
Always and forever can wait
For the time because
You were not the one
I know that now

In a world still full of life, i see color
In a bit of time cause we deserve better
Always and forever when the right one comes
Because part of loving you is letting go

Part of loving you was letting go

  1. Devonte

    August 18, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    loved it

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