I Don’t Wanna Go to SXSW

My car broke down in Ohio
Had sold my soul a long time ago
And had earned some accolades
That didn’t mean a thing

I made it down to Austin
And slept in the front seat all night long
You can smell the desperation in the air

I don’t want to go
Where everyone else goes
So you want to play rock n roll?
You pay in blood
Everybody calm down
It’s gonna be a long long drive
It’s gonna be a late late night

The sun ripped thru my skin
I questioned everything that I ever did
There is a calming state
That I can’t recreate

Schlepped around the city, beat so beat
Strangers came running at me, now who are you?
They gave me literature
That I’d use for bon fires

  1. Alexander

    May 21, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Thanks so much.

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