This one’s for you Bros,

I woke this morning with a spade in my heart
Poor people lying dying in the streets
Roads blue and lights electric yellow at the KFC
Burgers everywhere straw on the floor

My mother looking in the mirror saw nothing inside
Fear taking people in the overcrowded graveyard
Far away a bunch of sirens yelling to the deep air
A man stabbed in the back litter covering the path

Bullets flying around me unknowing where they ricochet
The walls of crumbling houses made of blood red stones
Beetles crawling on ceilings crocodiles swimming in gutters
I wonder why the burglars don’t respond to my questions

Tired and gruesome faces and I don’t know why
Empty eyes and pockets with no money to spend
Surprised I am still alive surprised I’m kissing you
And everywhere the mud speaking of this crazy world


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