Exodus 24:17
To the Israelites the glory of the LORD looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain.

The earth is Yours. And everything in it
Most Precious God. Glory be Your name.

Who may ascend? The mountain of the Lord
Oh we pray…
Clean our heart oh Lord. Let your will be done.

The creator of the universe, You are the healer of our soul.
You are the lily of the valley, the Lord of host, the Lord of lords.
The King of kings, the mighty God.

Lift up your heads. Be lifted ancient doors.
King of glory come. Mighty in battle.

Who is the King? Lord God Almighty
Most precious God. Is the most precious one. Glory be to Your name.

Holy Fire! I am that I am
Omnipotent God! Glory be to Your name…
You are the lily of the valley; we worship You Lord.
You are the most precious God. Glory be to Your name.


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