HOLD ON – Lil Tecca Lyrics

Y2, is that you?
Yeah, yeah (Some of them niggas fucked up on me)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Some of them niggas f… up on me)
Uh-uh, yeah, yeah (Some of them niggas f…. up on me)
Yeah, nah (Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah, oh)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
I don’t feel you niggas ’cause I got no feelings (Yeah)
I’m spinnin’ the vibes, I know that you feel it (Feel it)
You wanna see me? It cost a few digits (Yeah)
I’m livin’ my life and I’m on a mission
And all of my niggas gon’ count a few milli’ (Yeah)
I know that I’m good but I feel like a villain (Yeah)
If you got a problem, you better go fix it (Yeah)
We don’t ask for no favors, know you see the vision
And none of these niggas ain’t puttin’ me on
I ain’t ever ask a nigga for no co-sign
I just asked for these niggas to leave me alone
Stop hittin’ my jack, stop hittin’ my phone, ayy
I don’t even f… with these new hoes
‘Cause these new hoes, they so basic, ayy
I don’t even f… with these new hoes
Now these new hoes sayin’, “Niggas ain’t shit,” ayy (Yeah)
Left Louis, ayy, go to the store lil’ nigga, get two more (Two more)
And your ho, yeah, she wan’ take a photo (Oh)
She hit up my line, she like, “Tec’, papi chulo” (Oh)
She used to dub me, now she wanna hit
F… it, feel like f….’ on your bitch
Countin’ money, feel like Money Mitch (Yeah, oh)
Talkin’? Nigga, better watch your lip, yeah (Nah, nah, nah)
Niggas, they think that we equal (Nah, nah, nah)
I am the first, nigga, you the sequel (Nah, nah, nah)
Nigga got gas, nigga got the diesel (Diesel, yeah)
Shawty on me, shawty on me, like me too (Brr)
She hit up my line, she say that, “I need you”
She hit up my line, I know that I’m up
And I had a bag, nigga, like what’s up? (Up)
Whole time, I know this bitch tryna fuck (Yeah, yeah)
Whole time, I know this bitch fell in love (Yeah, yeah)
Whole time, I know this bitch, she a dub (Yeah, yeah)
Whole time, I gotta follow my tracks (Yeah, yeah)
‘Cause none of these niggas watchin’ for us
And I know I’m an angelic all-star (All-star)
And you know that we just go hard (Hard)
And you know that we gon’ go far (Go far)
Stars, I’m goin’ lunar (Uh)

Baby, just hold on (Hold on)
Baby, just hold on to me
Baby, just hold on
Baby, just hold on to me
‘Cause you know it’s just us (Just us)
And you know it’s just you and me (Just you)
And I just want trust (Want trust)
And I just want you to trust me (Uh)
I don’t want you to fall in love
I just want your loyalty, yeah
But at the same, don’t think that can happen, possibly (At all)
Baby, I just want your company
Baby, I just want you ’round me
And baby, I’m really glad you found me
‘Cause when you found me, girl, I found me

[Verse 2]
I be spittin’ the secrets, you listen to me (Yeah)
I could give you the keys if you listen to me (Yeah)
‘Cause I got all the keys, they within all of me (Oh-oh)
And I swear that my life is a mission to me (Oh-oh)
And I know that I said this shit at beginnin’ (Oh no)
But I did it again, that’s the difference with me (Oh no)
Yeah, all of my niggas cookin’ in the kitchen
The kitchen is [?], the kitchen with me
If you open you open your eyes everyday, you can see
You can see through he, you can see through she
Sincerely, you niggas can’t vibe with me
Few opp niggas used to take sides on me
Now the same niggas tellin’ them lies on me (Oh)
When I’m f….’ your ho? Nigga, probably (Oh)
Who gon’ make it to the top? Nigga, we gon’ see (See)
‘Cause I got that gas and you niggas on E (E)
And I got that drip on me (On me)
Everywhere I go, got two fits on me (On me)
Don’t dab me up, ’cause we not homies (No, no)
Man, you need some water, ’cause that shit not sweet (No, no)
And lil’ nigga, I’m your big homie (No, no)
And you watchin’ my moves, ’cause you been nosey (No, no)
Can’t compare to a nigga vocally (No, no, no)
She said “Tecca, please stop ’cause you chokin’ me” (No, no)
And I got a few niggas that ride with me (Oh)
And I got a few niggas that roll with me
And I know a few niggas pick sides on me (Sides)
I don’t know, some niggas had to fold on me
And I promise to you, I never told on me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Some of them niggas f…. up on me
Some of them niggas f…. up on me

Some of them niggas f…. up, on me, yeah

  1. Celia

    January 7, 2022 at 11:01 am

    I miss the “O” smell that I never knew.

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