Hide & go seek
You bitter hoes weak
Can’t ride a dick or a beat
Imagine bein slicker than me
Bitches is sheep
I call them hoes little Bo Peep
Don’t care if they deep
They been intimidated so they always keep distance from me

See I’m killing dudes
So I get my Carole Bask on
Been a masquerade hoe go head and leave ya mask on

I don’t wanna know what’s behind that
Business is boomin so ima just mind that
Hatin on my track but I bet you rewind that
Hot flow not yours, know where to find that

Original. No subliminal . Shorty really lyrical
The way I’m killin y’all it should be criminal
See u at the pinnacle
My digital is critical
I bust down every syllable
Just for the fuckin principle

Now the word on the street is they tryna beat me Ew we, who’s she ? That was a good try
Abcdefg double OD. Stick a fork in her she’s done tell her Goodbye

Couldn’t see my wordplay on my worst day
Let em wa wa wa have a good cry
If You thought you was doper than go thank ya dealer u supposed to cuz that was a good high

You a fiend for the flow
Get a scheme for the low
You a meme at the most
Have u seen her

You be skeezin for doe
I be feastin on hoes
I’m a beast and you know, Justina

Ima catch these fish
Lightening quick
When they bite my shit

I’ma twist my tits
Hit these licks, kiss yo bitch
Shit. Hip Hip Madonna

I don’t do it for no accolades
Cuz after Sway
I had these rappers mad at me
& they don’t have to feel me ima masturbate
I’m the main event hoe
You the matinée

Now we trapped in the trap
So it’s back to rap
Attack these tracks
And ima drop back to back
I’m up to bat that’s a fact get my ass to clap
Stack some racks
Tell my man to grab the gat

Who illa
Red head Killa
Even in a drout ima get that skrilla
Hot toddy, cleanse my body
The box on gold
Gettin rich like Roddy

So u better bring the ambulance
Damnit man, you sweeter than some candied yams
I’m hand to hand in the land like Jackie Chan
I rack the grands
Im gettin green like Packer fans

If you thought u could knock her just cuz of her knockers
Or thought you could rock her, you off of ya rocker
Just go see a doctor to fix you up proper
A penny for my thots, you bitches is copper
These birds wanna flock her
I turn up like Waka
I’m hittin these punches just like I’m boxer
Ya girl wanna box her
I’m gettin this work so just make sure you clock her


  1. Mary

    June 19, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    Thank you so much for the lyrics.

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