(Don’t argue amongst yourselves
Because of the loss of me)

Miss nothing from the past
But I still look at the time
Snakes are hissing
People missing
Look at me and you’ll be fried

Don’t you chat shit
Otherwise you gon
End up in a headlock
Pussyboy come at me
Got lairy gave your woman
Hundred backshots

In my room
In bloom
Bumping Nirvana
I don’t f*ck with you
If you lazy don’t come at me
Greed ain’t the only sin
When I die Imma terrorize
During night times
Slower than a fucking slug
Snort a slug and I’ll be fine
If your bitch is a plug she mine
Ay ay I’m high
Tyrant teachers never ever found shit
Had the dope inside the blazer all times

Lowkey she wasted my energy
I might commit suicide
Yeah she never ever texted me
Who gives a f*ck ?
When we die we remain on Earth
Six feet deep closer to hell
You won’t see me lurk

Hoe please
Remains, remain
Puffing trees and you puffing dick
Sticking the stick got her shitting quick


Cutie (1) - Hip Hop (600) - Pie (1) - Remains (1)


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