I’ve been dreaming more
Bout what’s in store
Can’t understand what for
What comes before
Night is day
Know I won’t be afraid
Not today
Know what they say
I’ll go another way
If not to stay
I’ll fly away
Can you catch up
Just keep running
Can you catch up
Keep on soaring
No one
Leave you hurting
I’ll protect you in the night
I’ll protect you in the day
Protect you in every way
Know I’m here to stay
Tell me if you’re sad
I’ll do what I can
Come in a flash
Help you to stay intact
Just know
I don’t know all facts
I can teach you not to be afraid
I can teach you all the same
Stay with me I’ll keep you safe
You see
Not everyone is like me
I’m unique
I’m afraid
I know what I’ll say
I’ll live another day
Because I’m here to stay
You can’t get in my way
I don’t need to pray
I will never go away
I’m here to slay
Didn’t only come to say hey



Hip Hop (608) - Stay (17)


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