June sky a million fireflies
I wished on every shooting star
I spent a week on my knees at your wishing well
but wishes can’t change what you are
every tide I know has an ebb and flow
there’s falling then there’s falling too far

I felt your heart fade
then I felt mine break
distance grew, never made a sound
I loved you once I always will
water can’t flow up a hill
there’s no walking back across this tear stained ground

pass by your house in the early light
cast a shadow on your alabaster door
I wanna knock knock knock with all of my might
but you don’t live here anymore
darling Cupid why’d you go call my name
now sorrow’s running up the score


do you remember I gave you a box
that box had just a single key
you promised to hold it close to your heart
that box held all of me


COUNTRY (269) - Fade (4) - Folk (259) - Hearts (3) - World (277)


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