Gwfm – Baby Keem Lyrics

…both sides bitch, be consistent
On a flight to Hawaii, you was round trippin’
Bitches got cold morals, you ain’t sly with it
I had to grab my flow back, niggas sound dippin’
I felt bad for em’, I won’t do a song with em’
Same song, same deal, what’s wrong with em’?
Bitches sucking dick, I cannot share my tongue with em’
Shout out to Lil K, I share my mom with em’
We was overseas, whole flight two hundred G’s
We only flow C’s, but I’d rather no sense
NBA nigga, hide my hoes in nosebleeds
Say her nigga hard, oh your nigga ain’t Kobe (Ayy, ayy)
Now come around back
I’m a tarantula, I smoke until I’m fazed
Beat me out the top while we hiding from the opps
Two flights overseas, man I really gotta stop 

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