Now some folks go for fish and chips and others they like meat,
But now I’ll sing a song to you of what I like to eat.
[CHORUS] (repeated after every verse)
It’s long and green and it looks obscene and it always has me burpin’
But I must confess what I like best is a great big pickled gherkin
You may have heard a famous tale, it’s one I’ll always like
Of the boy who stopped the raging flood with his finger in the dike
But the truth about this little boy you’ll never hear I’m certain
He didn’t stick his finger in, he used a pickled gherkin
Now Popeye was a sailor man, that’s something you all know
And you know how he and Olive Oyl fought the great big bad Bluto
But Popeye had a secret food to keep his muscles workin’
Yes, hidden in his spinach tin he kept a pickled gherkin
Now just outside Nottingham in a forest called Sherwood
There lived a famous outlaw by the name of Robin Hood
To trick the sheriff and his men he kept inside his jerkin
Not his trusty sword or his trusty bow but his trusty pickled gherkin
Now Jack the Ripper was a rogue in Queen Victoria’s day
At every opportunity, loose women he would slay
And every night Whitechapel way you’d find the beggar lurkin’
Poised to hit them on the head with a great big pickled gherkin
The French they had an emperor by the name of Bonaparte
You may wonder why he’s always shown with his hand upon his heart
But when Josephine said “not tonight” and up he needed perkin’
He simply reached inside his coat for a great big pickled gherkin
It’s of an evil Scotsman named Macbeth that I will sing
And how together with his wife he planned to slay the king
But as he stood by Duncan’s bed about to plunge his dirk in
The king sat up and offered him a great big pickled gherkin
[VERSE 7] ( at half tempo)
Now life on Earth it is but short, that’s something you all know
And all our brass we just cannot take it with us when we go
But I will die a happy man from death I’ll not be shirkin’
If only I can take with me a great big pickled gherkin


Big (7) - Children's (58) - Gherkin (1) - Great (5) - Pickled (1)


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