The moon gets lonely
When there ain’t no stars
A body ain’t lived
If it don’t have scars

When I’m lying in darkness
I hold the night
Like an old lover
Till the morning light

you cant have love
only shiny and new
or a summer sky
all bright and blue
you get some joy
you get some pain
you wanna have flowers
you gotta have rain
you wanna have flowers
you gotta have rain

cant get a diamond
without some coal
you gotta dig deep
when you’re digging for a soul
always a thorn
beside a beautiful rose
seems like the highest highs
bring the lowest lows

the strongest heart
knows what it takes to be brave
that you can’t have courage
without being afraid
that sometimes to stay
first you gotta leave
with any leap of faith
first you gotta believe


  1. Jacob

    February 1, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    i loved first track magical!)

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