Verse 1:
You know I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love you
You know I love you but I really don’t deserve you
Let’s stop this shit we doin and get to a conclusion
I really love you but I don’t want no confusion
I really wish you would consider my own feelings
But it turns out ur only concerned bout your own dealings
You know I thought uu would love me unconditionally
I just found out you do this shit traditionally
You once told me you wanted your own roley
Buh now you flexing wit it actin like you holy
You got no time for me lemme see your timetable
When I say this you say you can’t cuz you not able
You know I hate these niggas cuz they are gay bitches
I never thought that I would say this but they snitches
Why you flexin wit yo fake Gucci Bucket Hat


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