Waltz with me, under the tree.
Sing to me, a story to you I’ll read.
Laugh with me, let’s have some tea.
You saved me from a curious bee.
Let’s lie down in the shade…

Later let’s play hide and seek,
‘Cause you won’t see me for a week.
Let’s show the flowers and trees,
How you can waltz with me.

Dance with me, forget your watch,
All the birds are eager to watch.
Climb with this tree and show off to me.
Try to see the far away sea.
Thank you for the little snacks you made.

Run! Let’s race to the town!
I’ll swing on the church bell and act like a clown.
A sin we’ve committed says the priest,
Good girls never waltz with me.

Your Dad’s coming, he’s looking for us!
He wants to skin me, and run me over with his bus.
I don’t know what’s such the big fuss.
All I want is for you to waltz with me.

© 2020 Minoan Music


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