Don’t check your phone or at home, I’m not there.
Don’t look for me anymore, you don’t care.
Don’t search for me day & night, I left here.
You’ll sleep alone, live alone & each day sneer.

You were too late boy,
You were too slow boy,
But I’m not your toy.
I see now we’re not together.

I have this feeling,
but I’m still dreaming,
I wondered if we’d last forever.

Go! Go! Just go.
Get out of here now that we’re through.
Go. Go. Just go.
Yeah go: know I also hate you.

Go! Go! Just go.
The joker is on the table.
Go. Go. Just go.
To love you? No longer able.

The joker has stole your cards,
and now I set out to steal your heart.

Delete my number & texts without fear,
don’t look from your balcony: I’m not near.
Let go of my hand from yours, it’s not right.
Battle tonight, with your fists & bloody fights.

Me deixe em paz, basta. Vá com ele e estarei chorando. Olha o que você fez.



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