Little wanna Pipe on the Gang He getting pipe Down play Ball
Come outside you Wanna do Sum batter out onto the bag
Im tryna do the dash Hop out Johnnys on my ass I’m Tryna run Fast black live really Matter tried To shoot me down
Just because of My color
Ima just man em down
He just tryna do something
Ima Face em down got your girl
On The Blade tryna walk it now Walk the Blade Little boy want Me goon
So ima Keep it little Brother in the back got a tool Now I got Keep My bread up
I Gotta do Something little boy Capping Like he really want to Lose sum
Batter Out Batter out it a home-Run For The team
Your trying To Lose sum Too Cold In this Trying To do sum lil boy
Capping On Gang try to do Flexing on my Kid mom
You Want to really get That Doh so Am I hit the road

Talk down when I Facedown When I come around you Block
You not Out now had to do It for My Sister your a buster Now
If I Cap In you now You Now like You Shoot me 5 times

I’m a man Now No the f*ck I’m Not I’m a Laker they got me label A laker
I’m never leaking got to
Keep a nine On me just because Of a hater Trying to pull up on Me bus Down
I’m Not Talking On this rapping I’m Do it For my Sister face them Down
Got to Keep this rap up got to do sum


  1. Marco

    February 26, 2021 at 6:44 am


  2. Cristal

    July 3, 2021 at 9:30 am

    I remember playing this song all the time when I was 9 my family hated it.

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