Nick you a Motherfuckin’ slouch, all you do is eat, and sit on the couch (yeah, yeah) I wanna go on that ride man you better clamp me in. Why am I spending my time, on a fuckin’ Champion
Yeah, you ain’t even know ‘cause your boy dropping on this flow. I’m lazy like you “Niko”. Over here, on the couch, drinking on this Coke
You know, everyday, wake up the same way in my bed. But you on the other hand waking up in a rusty basement. I’m ready for round 2 ya know
Pull up to the Vice City, workin’ with the committee, this down to the nitty gritty yeah. You know this Diss track it is pretty litty. I mean at least a it’s better than your song
Yeah this is Gangland, everybody cold blooded. This is Gangland, man the whole city flooded. Yeah, yeah, this is Gangland foo, Gangland foo, Gang-Gangland


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