Go blast the boombox
Don’t give a f*ck what World gotta say
Ain’t gonna last forever
Ain’t gonna be the last one to slay
So Imma, comin with the fire
Gonna go lil bit crazy lil bit higher
Psych not, mind up, blinds off
Out of control, we strategiesing the fire up
All these different faces comin up with different phases
These Shattered cases of mine hesitation
Standin between Alot of mazez
Im Faded, x-rated between them, wild
Probably gone psych em, ride with em living out of their mind
So I Better go flash a light, ride a tide, catch the breeze off for a while

All this stupidity, I better sink with it
Crazy ass thoughts, gulp down some drink with it
Take it all for tonight, burn it down to the ground and just forget about it
See, This ain’t the party I thought it’s really gonna be
Don’t wanna say it , really got me like I ain’t shit

Because I don’t recognise the feelin, what’s the thrill in being really a static, I’m the renegade fully willin to deliver Magic, i can make a beat go hype like they did it with the classics, just to get you feelin awkwardly tragic
Caught up in the psycho attic
I’m Probably bein the problem addict

Highlight, Imma live it like my last night
Tonight, I’m done stayin sober
Finite, Never live it till I pass out
Drink up, let the Game get over



feat (61) - Game (7) - Hip Hop (608) - Ova (1) - Xeight (1)


  1. Liam

    May 17, 2021 at 6:19 am

    Thanks for the lyrics.

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