Joey Trap

Yo Skinny, you wildin’, nigga
F..k, f..k talkin’ ’bout a
Ahh, f..k talkin’ ’bout a

F..k talkin’ ’bout a bag, lil’ nigga, go and chase that
Automatic spray caps, we takin’ off them face tats
Run inside your crib, dumb nigga, get your place back
All about that “business” you talkin’ but, it ain’t racks, it ain’t facts
I was out here trappin’ on my own and niggas ain’t tappin’ in
And now the same happenin’
Thuggin’ while you stay cappin’ and
I’ma stay action
I got the whole you paid fractioning
Ain’t no payback, ya digg
Niggas get that bass clap and It
Nigga, you act like a hoe
I’m a body builder, got her an ass and nose
I’m out where It snows, I’ve been thuggin’ ’cause I’m chose
How you never grow? Nigga, look, my diamonds froze, uh
I could do that too, nigga, you ain’t fire
Ya’ll niggas been hatin’, how you ain’t tired?
I told her I love her, she know I’m lyin’
Oh, that was your hoe, but now your bitch cryin’
Big pilin’, we could make this big violent
They gon’ play a big violin at your wake, I’m big smilin’, ah

Ahh, ahh
Let’s get back to it, you a bitch
I ain’t talkin’ dogs, you be barkin’
Oh, I’m in that Bentley parkin’
Know we off a Xan, might barf it though
I got way too high, so I just had to quit the sparkin’ though
He was talkin’ poppin’, a problem, so we gon’ knock him off
Ahh, lil’ nigga you ain’t
Ahh, lil’ nigga you ain’t
Lil’ nigga you ain’t
Lil’ nigga you ain’t shit, so stop actin’ like you poppin’, nigga, uh
We could get to droppin’, nigga, mop a nigga
You act like a cop, my nigga, stop it, nigga
Hit you with that fye my nigga, opp a nigga

Stupid, haha
Niggas still talk about “Tables”
That’s hilarious, nigga
I’ll pull up to your funeral, nigga, laughin’
Actin’ like I f..ked with you, p.ssy
Give your mom a big smooch, big kiss on the cheek, muf..ka
Yeah, that type of shit


FUNERAL Lyrics (1)


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