I don’t belong in this world
You live
The purpose of all of you is the same, your concept of absence is different
you have suffered a relentless disease
in fact everything is simple
In your world you have ambition, hate and revenge
no one is happy
Everyone plays a particular game
You believe in the creatures, you take refuge in meaninglessness
your own hatred should suffocate you

The system of this world must always love the system
The system of this world, must f*ck the system
wherever i am
I’m a small point in the universe
Slavery is your life
You cannot get rid of it
You are stuck in your thoughts
The games make you happy because you are avoiding the facts
Your empty lives are dying by my words.
But you live with those corpses in your fake world

The system of this world must love the system
The system of this world,( until its existence is reduced to zero,)
Must f*ck who act like a bitch

You’re in dirt
You think your material and spiritual pollution is hell

Your paper ships, you never want to sink
But you believe in the flood of Noah

We need to sink to be reborn.
We need to exist for loneliness.
You think they look full of pain
Actually filled with hate.
The victors are those who walk with a sense of revenge.



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