Ayy yeoh yeoh yeoh, Pull up on me and get hit quick, ayy yeoh, that pussy bitch funny cuz he be talking all this shit ayy beat that pussy bitch he a fucking snitch, ayy ayy, beat up that pussy bitch i’m filling like a glitch, ayy ayy, all these pussy niggas be talking all this shit then they pull up ,ayy ayy, shoot em in their shit, ayy ayy, make that pussy snitch bleed like a clit, ayy ayy, now yo bitch be sucking my dick, ayy, eat that clit then i smash i take a pussy nigga to mars if he be talking shit, ayy ayy yeoh ayy, yeah i be talk shit i dont need a gun i just use my fist got my ass beat but that ain´t shit, ayy ayy ayy yeoh, all real ones wont be talking shit, all real ones don´t use guns they just use fist, ayy yeoh.

Ay, tell all these pussy niggas to pipe up
Shout out my niggas Grayson and Jayden and them
you know.

Ay and to all those pussy niggas that uses guns this was just a freestyle (bitch) ayy ayy ayy.



FREESTYLE (16) - Hip Hop (608)


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