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Freestyle Rap Lyrics

Yo, Too many Desi Rap Gods, there’s inadequate space
Allow me to shatter your faith in radical ways
The Putin of Rap, my lyrics will bomb and level Syria
Bet if I battled you, I’ll get charged with Pedophilia
Skills is currency, y’all are bankrupt
Just another trend bout to fall off like dandruff
Only talk over beats, say the funniest things
Never rap, all they do is chase Honeys and sing, (ha ha ha)
One look and I can betchya
Couldn’t get laid if u was a hooker on a stretcher
Believe me, I’m the only Badshah in here, cuz you not King
You’re like Stuart Broad in the presence of Yuvraj Singh
I drop a verse on y’all that could end up in genocide
You’re the type to show up in helmets to pillow fights
Know this, Your whole repertoire’s silly and whack
Now, Brodha V is the real face of Indian Rap

I know in my mind, I can touch the sky
So I take a leap of faith and hope to fly
I know in my mind, I will touch the sky
I know if I try, then one day I’ll get by

[Chorus] X 2
So I let ’em talk this, I let ’em talk that
I let ’em go on but I never talk back
I let ’em go (Dog Barks), I let ’em go (Dog Barks)


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