Foreign Push Start* Lyrics


Foreign, Push, Start (Skrt)
I want a [?] (Uh, Huh)
Don’t play wit’ me, I’m a shark (A shark)
Real ice you could see in the dark (Ice)
Don’t play wit’ me, play wit’ a [?]
Better Wock, ain’t sipping no poor (Yeah)
We the wave, my bank out the shore (Shore)
In the floor seats rocking Dior (Dior)
I don’t know bout’ you (Nah)
But getting money is something I better do (Woah)
Went and hit that lil’ bitch on the patio (Yeah)
You didn’t put a lil bitch on the pedestal (Yeah)
I got syrup, my cup full of medical (GunWunna)
Watch him twirl like …. 

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