Faytinga – Tsela’ika Lyrics

Lyrics (Tigrinya / English)
ጸላኢኻ / Your enemy

ጸላኢኻ ጸላኢኻ’ጸላእ
May your enemy be cursed
ጸላኢኻ ጸላኢኻ’ጸላእ
May your enemy be cursed
ጸላኢኻ ጸላኢኻ’ጸላእ
May your enemy be cursed
ጸላኢኻ ጸዋረይ ኣባይካ
My poor child, bearer of such heavy burden

ከም ዘርኢ ምድሪ ፋሕ ኢልካ ዘለኻ ወደየ ኣብ ዘለኻ’ሊኻ
Wherever you are dispersed as seed on a field my child
ደላይ ሰላም ደላይ ፍቕሪ ኣባይካ ይድነን ጸላኢኻ ብዓል ርስቲ ክነስኻ
Seeker of peace and love, true owner of your land, may your enemy be subdued my child
ዓዲ ሃገር ተሰደድካ/ ዝበሊ ዕድሜኻ
Across so many foreign countries, as a refugee, you are aging
ደሪሱ’ንድዩ ዘሎ ወደየ እፎይ ትብለሉ
But times are changing for you to breathe a sigh of relief
ኣብ ከብዲ ዓድኻ ኣብ ንግደት ዓድኻ ጓይላ ትተኽለሉ
Where you will have jamborees in the center of your motherland

ዎ! ጺን ምስ ለኸፈልካ – ‘ቲ ብሩኽ መኣዲ
When evil disrupted your blessed peaceful banquet
ኣያ ምስ ተቐብጸ – ኣያ ቕኑዕ ፍርዲ
When wise elderly role models missed out and justice had no mainstay
ክለኣኸኒ’ዩ ናለት ‘ታወላዲት
Mother expectant of your devoted support
ኣኺሉለይ እናበለ ‘ቲ ወላዲ
Happy that you are grown up
ንቤቱ ከይተመልሰ ዝቐደመ
Though, with heart ache for the first who never made it back home
ናትካ’ውን ዶ ሰዓበ ተደገመ
And a call comes for you knocking again

‘ናሰከሓካ ሃባ ዝለመደ
Oppressing and exploiting you
‘ናበዝሓካ ሓቂ ዝኸሓደ
He denied the truth of the enormity of your burden
ዝየሕፈርካያ ‘ታ ቕድስቲ ዘውዲ
Nevertheless, you defended the blessed sovereignty of your land and never brought shame on it
በለጸኛ እንቅዓ እንከመኽኒ
While the opportunist makes tremendous excuses
ዘይወጸካ ኣነ ሓሲሙኒ
You remained resilient and optimistic
ከይነኣስካ እንከይሓንቀቕካላ
You never got a chance to enjoy your childhood
‘ታይ ተሪፉካ ‘ታይ ከ ዘይኮንካላ
You have given your all to your motherland

ስደትካ’ውን ምስ ኩሉ ሽግሩ
Your refugee trail with all its hazards
እንተተኸሎ ኣብ ክሳድካ እግሩ
Your life has been turned upside down
ሰናፍ ዲኻ’ሞ ኣያ ገዛእ ነብሱ
You are strong and survived it all
ንሞት ገጢሙ ዘይክማህ መንፈሱ
You faced death with high spirit and full control
ዘዘርከበ መንገዲ ኸምርሮ
The ordeal of the road getting harder each time
ኢድካ ዘይሃብካ በዚሑ ሰሃሮ
You never gave up even with the increasingly adverse intensity of life

ወደየ ዕድልካ መጺጹ ኣይትተዓደሎ
My child your luck has been bitter than it should never has been
ጸዋረይ ኣየናይ ኢልዎ ንስምካ ዘቕልሎ
You are strong no one can belittle you
ከመይ ግን ከመይ’ኻ ትገብሮ ከመይ ትኽእሎ
It is a wonder how you persevere
ኣጆኻ ንዝነፈገካስ ኣጆኻ ትብሎ
You even extend your peaceful hand to your detractors
ግዜ ዝዘረዮ ኣያ ዝበደሎ
Times have been against you with none to guide you
የሕሊፍካዮ ኢኻ ራህዋ ቀሪቡ’ሎ
Now, at last you have passed the dark zone and you are at the door of redemption


  1. Jaiden Susan

    June 19, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    Whoever reads this, you are healed, you are loved!…

  2. Bethany

    June 21, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Thanks for lyric.

  3. Celeste

    June 25, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    This songs drive me crazy! Pure Nostalgia!! Sweeps out the boredom in this quarantine life.

  4. Yolanda

    August 2, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    The beats though 🔥.

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