Famous Hoes 2 Lyrics

NLE Choppa

Too many cars, I don’t know what to drive
On my way to a vibe, tell you when I arrive
[?] come outside, he gon’ need another ride
Bitch I’m pullin’ up at five, better be outside yo’ driveway
My way or the highway, I fly with aim
Never been a lightweight with this micro Drac’
He lookin’ at me sideways, I shot him sideways
Paramedics arrived late, so he died today
Spin the Benz for what? Ay bitch, you know he shot
His friend jumped the gate, caught him on the other block
Heart stopped, body rocked, knocked him out his socks
They found his head six feet away where his body dropped
[?] tell him “go play with the other boy”, nigga not me
Told bro “we gon’ grow and get rich”, told me-



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