(Verse 1)

It ended on the third time,
I was all alone.
And nothing could ever take me home.
Loving like that is never,
Forgotten, unknown.
Echoes of him still shatter like a glass dome,
And I’ll remember it,
Even though he’s gone.


And I know it’s no use,
To relive another time like that.
And when he whispered goodbye,
My skyscraper fell flat.


I know I’m single now,
Although he’s still inside my mind.
I can still hear his footsteps,
Creeping from behind.
I get scared,
Wear and tear,
But it’s innocence,
Faded limelight.

(Verse 2)

Taking selfies in my bedroom,
Making out on the bed.
You bought me roses when I felt down,
Now my roses are dead.
I could never forget that night when you said,
I’m so incredible,
Our true hearts were red.


And I can’t let you go,
You’re tattooed on my skin.
You’re inside my radio,
You still reside in my mind’s den.


You’re running way too fast,
I can’t catch up with you.
I’m wishing it did last,
I mean, what did I do?
Love is rare,
Hard to bear,
But it’s innocence,
Faded limelight.


Maybe we just needed a vacation,
Maybe our thoughts were too rushed.
Or maybe you just didn’t feel the spark,
I felt when we touched.
Crying scared,
Here and there,
But it’s innocence,
Faded limelight.

Hey, you break my heart again,
This time faster and faster,
Couldn’t believe all the men I have mastered,
After that,
But they’ll never be the same as you,
Because it’s innocence,
Faded, faded,
Faded limelight.


Years they pass,
Our love crumbles like leaves.
I’d like to go back to Wingstop,
But I’m weak in the knees.
Everything you did,
And I did just so I could please.
Now it’s hard to believe,
That you were abducted from me…

And you broke the one thing,
That we had going so well.
‘Cause I guess that being with me,
Made you feel like living in hell.
You’re overdramatized,
But I will keep your eyes,
In memory.


My heart is distraught,
And I just want to say,
That it was you I caught,
Why did you get away?
Thieving Bear,
But it’s innocence,
Faded limelight.


I get scared,
Wear and tear,
But it’s innocence,
Love is rare,
Heard to bear.
But it’s innocence,
You were there,
And you cared,
It was innocence,
Faded limelight.


  1. Celine

    July 9, 2021 at 6:55 am

    I do not know how to thank you.

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