F L A C O – sister city Lyrics

Fuck a wrist i use the whole arm
Miss me with all that
You’ll do no harm
Ader Error on my tshirt
Now or never thats how we work
Ours better
Cowards never
Sour petals
The loudest ever
My depop is poppin
How- kito comin up with these concoction

Spasibo i look so fantastico
Im practical- ly the general how i move round tactical
I want it all meow
Gimme the ball now
Clench they jaw
Drench em all
I hope they all drown
Nobody catch that flow like kito
Nobody cook this shit like me
Nobody kick thaibo like mijo
Nobody took the shit like we
Shoutout my plug out in kazakhstan
stand like the bellman bring baggage in boy im hard to find like a ps5
I was walkin by your future bride she said what a guy
ripped skinny jeans gentrified
Boy you killed you the vibe
Ballin harrd why for all the shit i want but i couldnt buy
Schlide on this beat hope you wouldnt mind
Drastic this track slap a classic
Ratchet i mismatch the fashion
Clashin im cute lil sebastian
Dont snitch cant even say when i farted
She want a birkin but her outfit from target
Lit like a wic took a bic and i soarked it
Headshots white claws she just want a python
Cuffed up Dont want to fuck baby right-on
Dont miss goat list go put me right on
Yeah right on
Im a 1 of 1 theres 2 of you
I can tell she a thot cuz she hoolihoop
Bitches one percs and them truly’s too
Hate a ig ho bruh i truly do
Shoutout my homies in my discord
Shittin on yall even though im piss poor
Dolo why the fuck i want a click for
6’1 off edibles im 6”4
Put my arm in motion move my wrist
Im the reason arthur got his fist clenched for
Im a nobody why the fuck you so tense for
Beast mode got the cheat codes activated


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