placed your memory in a lantern
released it to the sky
I made a wish I could forget you
cause I just can’t say goodbye

watched the flame soar high then higher
towards the heavens towards the sun
sorrow dug her claws in deeper
broken cannot be undone

you haunt me in the daylight
you haunt me in my dreams
you’re there with every sunrise
every sunset
every minute in between
in between

I took your picture in its frame
broke the glass against the rock
I turned your memory into sand
but the ache still wouldn’t stop

now I drink whiskey with my coffee
and I scream up at the moon
he just stares down at me blankly
it makes me think of you


cause a broken heart is a broken heart
the hurt is all the same
and no amount of wishing
can lighten up my pain
can lighten up my pain


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