Every Little Step – K.A.A.N. Lyrics

Yes, God! We ain’t got no replacements!
This shit is easy. It’s too f…ing easy! God!

Dropping the bomb
Sound the alarm
Heart on my sleeve
Blood on my arm
Blade in my palm
Cutting these records ’til 6 in the morn’
Cut me a check or just leave me alone
I need a crown
I need a throne
I am the king
You are a clone
I hit the spot
I’m in the zone
What do you know
Who would’ve thunk it?
Came out of Maryland, jumped out the barrel and turning myself into something
I studied the fundamentals of the craft, I made it up out of the dungeon
I’m ’bout to punch it, I treat this bitch like a luncheon
No it’s not up for discussion
I am disgusting
Nigga you can’t tell me nothing
Who in the f…, done it the way that I done it?
I swear that my shit is original
Pressing your luck, thinking that you on my level
Oh no my nigga we not similar
I’m in the cut, plotting and planning my future
I made a brand new maneuver
All of this shit is amusing
I don’t believe it, it’s an optical illusion
I done been up
I done been down
Had to bandage up the bumps and the bruises
I had to run
Go get it now
Think of the winning, I can’t do the losing
I realize that this shit is a choice
I am a fire, we lighting the torch
Still overcompensating with your whack ass
Living in the past nigga never that

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