The doctors to this shit man

Walkin’ with the fan, it get too hot
Gotta keep the family safe incase I run into an opp
Run in to his crib, we take it all, but leave his watch
Tell him “I don’t got the time, but now you do, so don’t get popped, dropped”
Brand new Givenchy, I spend a lot
I told my mama, “I’ll invest in this shit ’til I’m on the top,” well props
I’d like to congratulate my self ’cause I’m a doctor
Ain’t go to college ’cause I’m a monster
Imposter, they don’t acknowledge me, but I’m on, son
When they talkin’ to me it’s ’cause they want some
Filin’ the monеy, pilin’, we on an island
I’m wildin’, no DJ Khaled, but niggas on one
Slidin’, you niggas hidin’, I gеt to rob bums
Ride with it incase it’s violent, we get the job done
I be smokin’ ’bout a zip an hour
I don’t make it rain up on a bitch, but I could make it shower
I might need a drain up on my wrist, the water too much power
Oxycontin, thizzle, white, gelato and the sour, ayy
Tell ’em spin the block, I got another chopper, ayy
This shit Burger King, got another whopper, ayy
Niggas beef with me, they finna need a doctor, ayy
I used to be the sweetest, money made a monster
I don’t give a f… about a p…. feelings
I thought I was shining on my own, the stars is in the ceiling, ayy
She don’t get no money that bitch unappealing, ayy
You thought she was lovin’ you, she out here stealin’
I can’t see the “W” unless I’m double you
I’m dubbin’ you, my nigga, what it do? I never f…ed with you
It’s no feelings, I been drug dealing, f… the fuzz
Niggas thug peelin’, I know “run” realest, I have fun drillin’


  1. Margaret

    June 3, 2022 at 7:11 am

    I love song “baby” and song yummy.

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