Ebimien-owei (2x)
Ebi eye mien owei yo do
(Doer of good things, thank you)

Jesu Christi koro me diri ma bome
(Jesus Christ came down to Earth)
Bo ake oseibo ke kon mene tebe atuwa
(He took all of our sins upon his head)
Owo oyabo kon mene pere kon opere
(He exchanged our poverty with His riches)
Owo you yabo kon powei kon opere
(He took our tears and gave us joy)
Owo sei aru kon ebi aru kon otuwa
(He took our sinful garment and wear us with the garment of righteousness)
Owo enini bo kon dou kon opere
(He took our sorrow and gave us peace)
And He made us joint-heirs with Christ
Akpo nanawei emien mo emien mo
(Owner of the world, well done, well done)
Nanaowei emien mo, Jesu emien mo
((My God, well done, Jesus, well done)
Ayiban mo seribebe ene are la
(God well done, all praise be unto your name)

Ebiye mien owei geleku geleku dau
(Doer of good things, wonderful wonderful father)
Beni kon owuru mien
(You turned water into wine)
Kon etunmou mou eyefa, deba elayefa
(There is nothing to compare with you, none big as you)
Ebimien owei ye kon etunmou mou eyefa
(Doer of good things, there is nothing to compare with you)
Efatimi wereya kemetubo eyerintimi dein ya
(If you had not been there, none would survive till night)

Ebimien owei (3x)
(Doer of good things)
Owo ekile mo
(We thank you)
Ebiye mein owei yo (Doer of good things)
(Repeat chorus)


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