I pulled the moon down
grabbed a bottle of wine
danced by the river
and sang in the pines

till the sun come up
all angry and red
moon dove in the water
so I headed for bed

I was halfway home
before I spotted you there
in your dirty blue jeans
with your thumb in the air

I stopped the car
you said let’s go for a ride
felt the temperature rise
as you got inside

no need for gasoline
flames can’t burn higher
ain’t no turning back
you set the bridge on fire
you caught me baby
one look from you
the angel said don’t
the devil said do

I spun the wheels
and put her in drive
you sat back and smiled
when we hit 65

touched my hand
I lost my will
you whispered in my ear
baby time stood still


ain’t no doubt
I know you understand
from your head down to your boots
your my kind of man

it’s 33 steps
front door to my bed
I already crossed that floor
in my head


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