It’s mental, it’s inside of you
Seconds, hearing seconds, seconds beat, beat seconds
Twist your vision, it’s left, it’s there, well I said it
Complete I feel it, complaint I hear it
So I said it, it’s here and now
All these f*cked up lies you speak
Distort my reason to wonder how
For my incompetence, for my lack of reasoning
For me
Whisper my slave
And all this shit I’m swimming in I gave
I give it, and I’ll give it to you
Now I scream and cry and all I have left are questions why
Intercourse without your mind is lack of interest while still being kind
Open your mouth your cynical mouth
Now I fall, now I’m cold and I feel a pounding that’s breaking through my skin
It’s crawling down my back, it’s truth without a fact
It’s me, crawling down my back for you
Dripping down below my face are tears that drop to fill this empty space
And I’ll give it to you, I give it to you, tick tick tick tick
Can I have another brick to slam my head into?
Another stick to beat myself into the ground for you?
Win me, for I am just a game
Play me, I’m a little toy that gives unappreciated pain
Together slam my two heads
And all I am are falling bricks beneath these trampling feet
There’s a new world, there’s a new world now



Desensitize (1) - Electronic (195)


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