Depression isn’t about just being sad
Sometimes it is not even knowing how you are feeling
And it is wondering why you are living
In a world where people can only assume
Depression makes you crazy
But you know what is really crazy?
Being surrounded by people
Who choose to think they understand
They say they get it
If u r crying u broken but people fail to notice
The most hurt look the strongest
They really be the ones trying to lend YOU a hand
Be nice because you never know ho is going through it
And be kind cause words really do hit
And be aware those who you love
May need you more than they show
And be cautious cause you just never know
And one day it will be too late
Because you thought depression
Was just being sad and everything was actually ok
It was more serious than that!
We got to take depression more serious than that!


  1. Madison

    July 4, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    loved it

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