That weekend trip to Breckenridge
Still taste the vodka on your lips
The camera always loved your smile
That one I took your hair’s a mess
You wore my t-shirt like a dress
Said I’d erase it but I lied
That video of you singing happy birthday
It’s stuck on replay in the worst way

Now I’m sitting here
Face lit up by a screen
Pictures of you and me
Five hundred and seventeen
Know what I need to do
To get over you
But I put it off and I stall
Can’t find the strength to press it
Delete All

Screenshots of homes in Tennessee
That Pinterest board engagement ring
Mixed in with dresses you tried on
I’d have to scroll for a minute
To find one without you in it
If I hit delete I lose 2019

Can’t do it not get any closer
If I go through with it that means it’s over



COUNTRY (278) - Delete (1) - Folk (265) - World (299)


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