Mina lapha ngvela khona
We listen to different sirens
Melodies and screams
Language of the universe
I call it TULO
Idlozi lam livumile
Lalelani when they say

It takes a village
Uzophumelela it takes avillage
Bambelela it takes a village
Soldier on
Until you find your
Eterrnal internal serenity harmony (4)
Bafodise bafodise (4)

The universe sent me angels
They speak in codes and threes and signs
Can you read that caŕeful sign
Before you sign

Bambelela means
kodumela moepathutse
Ago lehumo le tswang kgauswi
Even when i fell hard
Too many times
Look at me now i am a doctor
Will they even take my medicine
Look at me now i am doctor
Will they even take me medicine
Bafodise bafodise (4)

Eternal intenal serenity harmony 4
Eternal internal serenity harmony

Written by : Darxkin Mabena
Beat : Reginald Mothupi


  1. Edward

    July 30, 2021 at 8:29 am

    Don’t be an enemy with every hand, an enemy with every annoyance.

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