Dull eyes which testified to the true glory of the indolent majesty

sixteenth of november
year sixteen sixty tree
im still lost in your suffocating labyrinth

My life! have the dark tidings finally come to and end? Your gentle
chances will
liberate me

Czarina! But are thou? Where are thou? You once were..

hide me in your head? your fire feeds empty arms?
did you got stolen by time? have you cried dark diamonds?

Reveal yourself! I command you! Traitor! Liar! Enemy!


Where is your lusty curves? Your warm diamonds?
Do you share your isle of plenty?
Do you not own your own heart’s beating?

Come unto me! Endlessly! Endlessly!

cant bear no more!
emptiness swallows me!
Im soulless without you my love!
End the pain!

What intention moves your body? Where are your warm diamonds?


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