{Verse YUN9 C4PAL0T}

Yea, Every since you left me hasn’t been the same
Now you want me cause I’m blowing up and getting all this fame
Yeah you pulled up to the party yea I’m so glad you came
You don’t fit in my picture so please get out my frame
You never wanted me but now you do I feel so ashamed
Uh what
Yea what
Yeah I feel so ashamed
I know see these diamonds yeah they shining on my chain
For those who asking I got them from JohhnyDang
If you got problems stay out my lane{2x}
I don’t do nothing yeah I just be hella lazy
Performing a show got to make sure that they pay me
Imma rock out make music and just go crazy
Imma be shooting my three yeah they calling me a kd
Yea, Got yo girl in my dms and she texting me bae

[Verse YTN Mari}
Yea, Tell me why they keep calling me and sayin I’m the G.O.A.T
Like I don’t know ten racks for a show nothing less nothing more
Yeah this story I’m about tell yall a couple months old
Its about a kid from Milwaukee he was walking around poor
He ain’t have no money he was on the come up
He was tryna touch ten before the sun come up
She keep calling his phone I think she crazy
She crazy, like lil George she keep acting brazy
I’m tippin too hard I need to slow down{3x}
Nah let me shut up real quick
I’m still tippin please stay out my lane{4x}

  1. Gabriela

    April 7, 2021 at 7:18 am

    You are great.

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