Intro: (i suffer from depression, complete depression, had it my whole life. I’ve had it so bad that uhh i’ve had anxieties, been diagnosed with major depression, my ocd which would control me from exploding. Lots of phobias, lots of fears. Anxieties, panic attacks. I’d had depression before but i didn’t know depression could be so bad.
1st verse sometimes i feel like this worlds on my shoulder, everything around me closing in, its starts to grow colder, its like i’m sitting on death row waiting for conclusion shit, it’s real fucked up my brain filled with much confusion. Do you know what it is to sit at 3 AM with your gun pressed to your temple on your knees praying. Or in the bathroom on the floor,hand full of pills, cause the fucking rents due & you cant pay bills. Have you ever felt the cold grip of death in your heart, im talking it rips right in your cavity & pulls it apart. 10 muthafuckin seconds just for ending this shit. Flames rising from the ashes that your bout to commit. Have you ever stopped & paused far away from everthing, that half n hr. just thinking of a better way, to put you soul to rest, set your mind at ease. Put the barrel in my mouth, i want to sleep for eternity
Dear cold cruel world why am i hear, (i never asked to be alive, everyday is just a struggle even to survive. Dear please just wipe away the tears ,(i’ll be better off when i’m gone, in my own private hell left all alone).
2nd verse
So many reasons just to leave this fucking planet, the pressure gets to be too much the way you just cant stand it. People hating, creating problems, bitch be fucking your friends. A million reasons & circumstances for your soul to transcend. Nobody like me, im a loser, parents wish i was dead. Im overweight, cant get a date, i’ll turn my walls to red. I’ll lock the doors, turn up the music, flip the tv screen. I’ll leave a bloody fuckin mess for my moms to clean. It’s to the point that i can’t stand it i can’t even try to cope. You don’t know me, you can’t help me, you can’t offer me no hope. Its too late to try to stop it, I done lost the fuckin war, I ain’t gonna write a fuckin letter, leave my answers on the floor. I’mma do it i swear, dont even think i’m fuckin lyin, nobody go’n remember me, nobody go’n be cryin. All alone in my death like i was in life. Let me take my final breath, they can bury me tonight.

…….. CHORUS……..

You wont miss me when im gone (flames rising) (flames rising) I know you did me so wrong. Flames rising……(shotgun blast)….


  1. Chasity

    August 26, 2021 at 5:33 am

    Great thanks

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