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Clocked Out! – AUDREY NUNA & NIKI Lyrics

[Verse 1: AUDREY NUNA]
Collect another check like I work at Barnebys
Barbie doll friends got plastic in the knees
Chicken cutlet, I know they want a cut of me
I been prayin’ for a hit, but not in this economy, no (No, no)
Not in this economy, not at Barnebys
Need lobotomy, not astrology
Yes, I want peace
Never in hell nor in harmony
Purgatory steez
Give me the key, lock that ting
Elevate, elevate, drop that ting
Relevé, relevé, rock that ting
Prima ballerina, cut the FIFA ting
Cinnabon, get the yum, then I talk like this
Pop that wrist, take that lick, super stiff
Boogiе like scary movie
Michael drip, two star trip
Movе it like this, blow kiss, kiss
Pew-pew, I’m clocked out

Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out, ayy, ayy)
Clocked out (Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, clocked out)

[Verse 2: AUDREY NUNA]
And I got two sides, so Panama
Skrr-skrr, center-cut
All I need is a stuffy mosh pit
And a Danimal pack from the back of the fridge, who popped it?
Ha, I just need a deposit
Worst freestyle you ever heard and I can promise it
More unresolved hits than Rachmaninov
Body count like your cousin Johnny’s BBQ
Caffeine, earl tea got me stutterin’
Taco, Flacko, nacho, libre, free throw, pea coat, free show, yeah
And I’m sicker than y’all
Need a massage, need it regardless
Sicker than y’all
Bleedin’ inside, bleedin’ for profit
Hemorrhage, I took it too far, do it too often
Hemorrhage, I took it too far, I’m clocked out

Clocked out (Clocked out, clocked out, clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out

[Bridge: NIKI]
I stood by
While you took your time
So I’ma take mine
I’ma take mine

[Verse 3: NIKI]
No one’s Juliet, not what you expect
Please, do not forget, you, ooh-ooh
Owe me many debts, pay me some respect
Girl just turned twenty-two, ooh-ooh
I don’t do no take two, ooh-ooh
I don’t wait, I just choose, ooh-ooh
I don’t need a reason to keep on dreamin’ ’cause I never lose (Lose)
Make no mistake, ooh
I’m on your side until you do, ooh-ooh (And when you do)
I’ll clock out
I’ll clock out, yeah
I’ll clock out

[Outro: NIKI]
Clocked out

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