I cried on a lot of shoulders
stayed quiet when I could have been bolder
I been running scared most of the time
I hid from the spotlight
chose clouds over sunlight
it turns out the rain ain’t really been a friend of mine

I’m calling on the winds of change
cause it’s time to rearrange things
and wipe the slate clean
yeah wipe the slate clean

I froze when I felt restless
held my breath till I felt breathless
I buried myself in a lifetime of sand
I’ve thrown away a precious day
seen wrong and looked the other way
not sure when things got so out of hand


I’ve poured a fortune down the wishing well
rode my luck straight through the gates of hell
watched the tide as he tried and tried to catch the moon
I been wrong more than I been right
I even waited for Godot all night
I kept hoping I kept hoping he might get here soon


Clean (4) - COUNTRY (244) - Folk (234) - Slate (2) - World (251)


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